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      • Warmer In The Winter, Cooler In The SummerForm-fitting, cotton covers with elastic bands slip over the earpiece of muff-style hearing protectors for added comfort wherever your range work takes you. Provides a soft, cushioning barrier between your ears and the unnatural feel vinyl cups; wicks away sweat in the summer and keep your ears warm in the wintertime. Plus, keeps things sanitary when sharing hearing protection with other shooters. Won’t affect the performance of electronic muffs or interfere with volume controls. Sold in pairs. Brownells Christmas , Issue:3X, Page:003 Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:389


sinclairintl shooting accessories

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      • Weather conditions can make a dramatic impact in long range shooting and hunting. With the WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter, shooters can accurately measure on-site weather conditions for ballistic calculations in BallisticsARC. With instant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication, the WEATHERmeter can be hand held, mounted to your mobile device, or positioned up to 100 feet down range to report data back to your mobile device for quick solutions. Perfect for long range rifle competition, target shooting, load development, hunting, etc., the WEATHERmeter will give you useful, accurate information and provide you with a mobile application for advanced ballistic solutions. BallisticsARC is available FREE for iOS 7.1 or later for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. WEATHERmeter Features include: Wind speed and direction Temperature, Wind Chill, Heat Index Pressure & Density Altitude Relative Humidity & Dew Point Bluetooth Smart wireless connection up to 100 ft away Includes Hard Case for Storage Includes cr2450 battery (3 yr life) Hand held or can be attached to any ¼-20 mount Free compatibility with BallisticsARC advanced ballistics app 3 year manufacturer warranty for defects Anemometer calibrated in university aerospace research lab with accuracy at +/- 0.5%


sinclairintl shooting accessories

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      • The award winning LifeStraw water filter has now been incorporated with a sports bottle to give users access to safe drinking water even when there is no water source nearby. Features BPA-free water bottle Flip-top bite valve Lanyard for attaching to a backpack Uses hollow fibre microfiltration technology Removes bacteria, protozoa, and turbidity from contaminated water No after taste as it contains no iodine or iodinated resin chemicals (and is BPA-free)

        Brownells Christmas , Issue:4X, Page:009 Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:555 Mini-Catalogs, Issue:14, Page:004


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handgun shotgun reloading partsbooks partstrigger group Best buy AR-15/M16 ASAP SLING ADAPTER MAGPUL, {get cheap

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Gives Operator A Major Tactical Advantage With 180 Degrees Of Unrestricted Sling MovementAmbidextrous Sling Attachment Point helps the operator adapt quickly to changing tactical situations by allowing rapid switching of weapon from one shoulder to the other. An unrestricted 180° of sling movement lets you change shoulders to take maximum advantage of available cover, address targets around corners or other barriers, or shift weapon position if one arm is injured. Works with any single-point sling that attaches with a quick-release snap-hook, and fits any rifle or carbine with an M4-type collapsible buttstock. Simply remove the factory receiver end plate and replace with the ASAP; requires no other alterations to weapon, so you can continue to use your original receiver extension, buttstock, and sling. Heavy duty cast steel construction with a 1/8" thick link ring, protected by a durable, wear- and corrosion-resistant mil-spec black manganese phosphate Parkerized finish. Fits both Commercial and Mil-Spec receiver extensions.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:072 Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:071 Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:13, Page:018 Mini-Catalogs, Issue:13, Page:016 New Product Supplement, Issue:621, Page:005 Sinclair, Issue:4X, Page:005

Product Reviews

 AR-15/M16 ASAP SLING ADAPTER MAGPUL Reviews & Suggestion handgun shotgun reloading partsbooks partstrigger group

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handgun shotgun reloading partsbooks partstrigger group


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