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      • Installs Easily Over The Existing Bead SightHighly visible, tritium dot front sight surrounded by a large white ring epoxies over the existing front bead sight to help improve target focus and low light sight acquisition and sight recovery after muzzle flash. Installs over front sight beads from .125" - .140" diameter by filling the cavity on the underside of the sight with Brownells Acraglas Gel, then pressing the sight over the bead and allowing it to fully cure. If existing bead is too small or too large, replace with Brownells #6 bead for 3-56 threads or #26 for 6-48 threads. Some shotgun barrels may require drilling and tapping of existing hole to 6-48 for installation of #26 Brownells bead. Remington Pedestal model with stepped bottom fits Remington shotgun barrels with front sight pedestal. Vent Rib model with flat bottom fits shotgun barrels with ventilated ribs. Plain Barrel model with cupped bottom fits round shotgun barrels. Includes instructions. Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:317 Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:08, Page:030 New Product Supplement, Issue:602, Page:016


shotgun partssights

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      • Converts Your Standard Shotgun To A Tactical WorkhorseGhost ring rear and banded front sights convert your Remington 870, 1100, or 11-87 to a tactical workhorse. Rugged, front sight features green, tritium standard dot surrounded by a thin, white ring for fast target acquisition in low light conditions. Steel side wings guard front blade against blows incurred during heavy-duty use. Supplied shims ensure barrel band clamps snugly around muzzle and holds in place, even under the heaviest recoil. Rear sight base is contoured for exact fit on receiver (drilling and tapping required). Rear includes two interchangeable aperture sizes to accommodate your shooting needs. Completely adjustable for windage and elevation.

        Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:317 New Product Supplement, Issue:566, Page:018


shotgun partssights

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      • Durable, Machined Aluminum & Bright Fiber Optic BeadHighly visible, bright red or green, aiming point lets you concentrate on following the target and making the shot. Improves sight acquisition in all light conditions for fast, almost automatic alignment. Machined aluminum body provides years of rugged service. Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:316 New Product Supplement, Issue:545, Page:000


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Buy SHOTGUN SIGHT KIT A BROWNELLS handgun shotgun reloading partsbooks partstrigger group Reviews : Get best SHOTGUN SIGHT KIT A BROWNELLS With Quality. You Want in Best Store.

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A Total Of 80 Precision, Economical, Good-Looking, Replacement Shotgun BeadsBrownells Shotgun Sight Kit “A” is truly one of the most unusual bargains ever offered a Sporting Goods Store or Professional Gunsmith in a practical, economical assortment of top-quality, replacement shotgun sights. The workmanship is superb, being done on the most modern and up-to-date machinery in the U.S.A. The sight globes are true spheres - not lop-sided as those you have found on many other sights at a higher price. The threads are cut onto the shank, and are clean, sharp and well-machined for the best possible fit. Shanks are threaded right up to the base of the bead so you can set the sight exactly onto the barrel. Your choice of sights in the Kit is extremely wide. There are 2 shank sizes, 3 bead sizes and 2 bead colors, giving you a total of 8 different sights to choose from so you can fit nearly any gun that comes into the shop. The two shank sizes are 3-56 and 6-48. Size 3-56 is one of the most widely used shanks in the industry and will fit most guns having threaded sight holes. The 6-48 shaft was chosen for the alternate size to be used when the original hole must be redrilled and tapped - or where there is no hole at all - because 6-48 is the firearm industry standard screw size, and every gunshop in the country will have the drill and tap on hand to make the new hole. Bead sizes are .067, .130 and .175, (the most popular sizes), giving your customer the choice of small, medium or large beads. In addition, each bead size is available in either Gold color - machined from finest brass; or White color - machined from high tensile aluminum alloy. Neither color will bleed at the heels, wear off with hard use, or chip and peel, as almost all enameled sights eventually do. Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit “A” comes to you very attractively displayed in a clear plastic counter case. Each individual sight number is in its own plainly identified box on a black tray. There are 10 sights of each number, giving you a total of 80 sights in the Kit - 40 Gold and 40 White - a complete inventory of top-quality shotgun sights with an absolute minimum of capital invested. Don’t pass up the opportunity to cash-in on the shotgun sight replacement market. For an unbelievably low investment you can have a complete, correctly balanced and assorted inventory of 80 superb shotgun sights, each carrying Brownells guarantee of perfect workmanship and materials. Don’t let yourself get caught short when you can have them on hand so easily. Order your Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit “A” today! Refill Sights for Kit "A" - Refills for the Shotgun Sight Kit “A” are single or 10-pak of sights of one number.

Other Shotgun Sight Kits: Shotgun Sight Kit "B" Shotgun Sight Kit "C"   SHOTGUN SIGHT KIT "A" CONTAINS: NO. HEAD DIA. SHAFT/ THREAD DRILL/ TAP SIZE COLOR 1 .067" 3-56 No. 45-3-56 Gold 2 .130" 3-56 No. 45-3-56 Gold 3 .175" 3-56 No. 45-3-56 Gold 4 .175" 6-48 No. 31-6-48 Gold 5 .067" 3-56 No. 45-3-56 White 6 .130" 3-56 No. 45-3-56 White 7 .175" 3-56 No. 45-3-56 White 8 .175" 6-48 No. 31-6-48 White   Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:314 New Product Supplement, Issue:563, Page:002

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 SHOTGUN SIGHT KIT "A" BROWNELLS is actually the best goods introduced the foregoing 1 week. Given that telling the unequalled pregnancy, transformed also at this point accommodated absolutely no over alone. And on the internet a large collection of objects it’s doable find. Your entirely goods and services is created by making use of unique things that for some reason possess wonderful and fashion. SHOTGUN SIGHT KIT "A" BROWNELLS is really a preferent select many people. Along with I SIMPLY passionately recommend this. With the additional top notch touchstones, hence understanding this product some sort of classy and even not surprisingly long-lasting. While many persons really like the SHOTGUN SIGHT KIT "A" BROWNELLS since a great many models regarding colors, characters, resources.

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